Balanced Energy Hand Crafted Herbal Tea


There’s energy and then there’s balanced energy. The latter is what this herbal tea is all about. Balanced energy doesn’t come in a rush only to depart as quickly as it came. Balanced energy is steady, deep and lasting. HempL and’s herbal tea energy formulation supports balanced energy, the kind of energy you need to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish without jitters or fades. Its unique blend of Japanese sencha, Siberian ginseng, marigold flower, passion fruit, and CBD rich hemp flowers and leaves will never let you down. It has an uplifting zesty fragrance and tangy delightful flavor. Get centered, get balanced, get energized with the help of this incredible herbal CBD tea.

  • 12 sachets per pouch
  • 25mg CBD per sachet
  • 2.5 grams of assorted herbs per sachet
  • Contains herbal derived caffeine
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