Wellicy Green Apple Compliant Delta-9 Heady Chews


We have never been the company who just throws out new products so that we can be the first to have it.

No, instead we take our time formulating in the lab to make sure that every product we release is nothing but the best!

That’s what we have done with every product we have released before and every product we will release in the future.

That being said, it is time!

We are pumped to finally bring you the all new and delicious hemp derived Wellicy Green Apple Compliant Delta-9 Heady Chews!

Yes we said Delta-9 THC but you don’t have to worry about these products because of legality reasons and we’re gonna tell you why.

First a brief history lesson.

In 2018 the Farm Bill was passed by the government, it gave all 50 states the right to sell products with no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by volume legally.

So the Wellicy Green Apple Compliant Delta-9 Heady Chews are a compliant delta-9 THC product because the total volume of the gummy doesn’t exceed 0.3% of hemp derived Delta-9 THC.


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