Pure Relaxation Hand Crafted Herbal Tea


We define pure relaxation as the experience of alertness, clarity, and tranquility, a letting go as it were while remaining completely able to respond to any situation appropriately if necessary. HempLand’s herbal tea relaxation formula supports pure relaxation for your body and mind. Its unique blend of hibiscus, currants, rosehips, elderberries, cranberries, and rooibos work together with CBD rich hemp flowers and leaves to help you transition to the stress free person you want to be. What could be more important, especially now? It has a light, calming fragrance of fruits and flowers, sumptuously delicious. Enjoy a cup of HempLand’s herbal CBD tea while you sip your way to pure relaxation.

  • 12 sachets per pouch
  • 25mg CBD per sachet
  • 2.5 grams of assorted herbs per sachet
  • Caffeine-free
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