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  • Sleep CBN + CBD Tincture 1800mg

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    CBN Tincture for Sleep is a proprietary blend containing 1:2 ratio of CBN to CBD. Designed to promote sleep improvement, this CBN + CBD oil tincture can help you get the rest you need.


    Adjust your individual serving sizes based on your needs. We recommend taking 1mL-2mL of CBN + CBD daily.


    600mg CBN

    1200mg CBD

  • Transcendental Sleep Hand Crafted Herbal Tea

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    We believe that deep sleep is a sacred state of being (transcendental) that bestows countless health and spiritual benefits. Transcendental sleep is the sleep that helps to heal and renew, the sleep that opens the door to the creative energy of the universe, the sleep that you naturally experienced as a child, but may have been denied as an adult.

    HempLand’s herbal tea sleep formulation supports deeply blissful and restful sleep. Its wonderful blend of calming and soothing herbs such as rosehips, blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, lemongrass, chamomile, and orange peel work in synergy with CBD rich hemp flowers and leaves to help you experience what can only be described as transcendental sleep! It has a bewitching fragrance and a pleasant inviting taste. The perfect way to begin your journey each night to the other side.

    • 12 sachets per pouch
    • 25mg CBD per sachet
    • 2.5 grams of assorted herbs per sachet
    • Caffeine-free